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Do you need the spectacular wedding videography Orlando FL has trusted with its special days for years? If yes, we highly recommend our team of experts. Our team of professionals has exceptional skills to capture special moments during your wedding. We are confident we will capture exceptional photos and videos that will bring joy to you and your family during and after your wedding. Our videography and photography skills will match your wedding theme to ensure we portray your dream wedding the way you want. Looking for an affordable and experienced wedding photographer or videographer? If so, then contact us today. You can trust us to get the job done, taking the stress out of your hands.


We offer various wedding videography services, including classic and simple videos of your memorable moments and drone shots of your outdoor wedding. Do not leave your precious memories up to one of your family members or friends. Why? They might not take it seriously. Our dedicated team of videographers will uniquely and creatively document your memories. We are ready for any challenge, especially if you want something different. Our professional wedding photographers and videographers are also familiar with the classic options. Contact us today to ask about our various wedding videography services.


At Elite Video Orlando, we have experience in every wedding photography technique. We are confident in our professional and experienced staff to offer affordable wedding photography services. We are ready to produce any wedding photography style or theme. Once we know your ideas, we will work hard to ensure we achieve your desired results. Do not spend your time worrying about the memories of your wedding. Hire our team of experts to do your wedding photography. Do you want to learn how to organize wedding photography in the community of Orlando, FL? Then, contact us today.


We will not only send you wedding photos and raw footage. We will also edit your wedding photos and videography to achieve your desired results. We can present your wedding photography and videography in the way you like. For instance, we can add in dates and titles and cut out those unfortunate speeches. We are confident we can produce professional and exceptional wedding photo albums and films using our up-to-date photo and video editing software. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding photo and video editing process. We have a friendly staff that is ready to give you our pricing information and to tell you how long it takes.


Elite Video Orlando understands one of the most important days of your life is your wedding. That is why we always send experienced and passionate wedding photographers and videographers to our clients’ weddings. We send them to exceed your expectations and to guarantee your satisfaction. We are committed to understanding your request and desires from planning your wedding photography and videography to editing it. Understanding your requests and desires will help us produce stunning and exceptional wedding photos and videos. Contact our friendly staff to learn how to guarantee satisfaction with our wedding photography and videography services.

Our Expertise in Wedding Films


Serving All of Florida: Whether you’re in Central Florida, Tampa, Daytona Beach, or even Miami, we are always ready to travel anywhere to film your special day, ensuring our brand’s reach to all possible customers.

  • Reviews Speak Volumes
  • Don’t just take our word for it; our couples have left hundreds of glowing reviews. With an approach that emphasizes storytelling, award-winning cinematography, and intricate detail, we have become one of the best-reviewed wedding videographers in the Orlando and Kissimmee area, firmly establishing our brand in the hearts of our audience.
  • Your wedding day is as unique as your love story, as life-changing as your partner’s proposal. That’s why we offer various packages to meet your needs, adapting our marketing to be inclusive and receptive to all. From proposal and engagement sessions to elopements to grand celebrations, we have something for everyone. Tailoring our services to fit your event is our ultimate goal. As a wedding videographer, we also follow your wife or husband-to-be on their journey down the aisle, capturing the tears and the profound joy that revolutionizes your lives.
  • We know how much effort goes into planning your wedding; selecting the venue, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring that every aspect of your celebration is absolutely perfect. That’s why we work closely with other wedding vendors, from photographers to DJs, to ensure seamless teamwork and, ultimately, a perfectly captured day, to validate our customers’ faith in us.

Valiant Weddings: Our sister company specializes in photography, making us a one-stop-shop for all your wedding video, DJ, and photo needs, minimising marketing efforts while maximising the audience’s convenience.

Travel & Destination Weddings: Our expertise isn’t limited to Florida. As your adventure partner, we’ve captured love stories around the world and are willing to travel to make your day unforgettable.

Packages & Customization


Wedding Video & Photo Booth: Add some fun to your reception with our photo booth services. It’s an added touch that your guests, our valued customers, will love and a charming way to embellish the magic captured by our wedding videographer.

Your Wedding, Your Story


Ready to turn the page on this exciting chapter of your life? Contact us today for a package tailored to your love story and celebration.

Experience the Difference

  • Choosing the perfect style for your wedding video is an essential aspect that can set the tone for how your love story will be told – a process that takes customer preferences into account and enhances our brand’s reputation for attention to individual details.At Elite Video Orlando, we are experts in weaving a unique blend of various styles and creating a film that is a true portrayal of your relationship. Along with presenting a timeline of your love story, our films also capture the myriad of emotions that mark the engagement session. Here are some of the most popular wedding videography styles that you can consider:
  • What It Is: Much like a movie, the cinematic style focuses on storytelling, emotion, and professional cinematography. The camera captures every face, mirroring a plethora of emotions, and encapsulates the essence of the day in a film-like manner.
  • Why Choose It: This style is for you if you’re seeking that “wow” factor. It’s an impressive choice that leaves everyone from your guests to your social media followers speechless. A well-crafted cinematic copy will leave a lasting impression.

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What It Is: This style embraces a realistic touch, capturing events as they unravel without much artistic interpretation. It aims for a timeline-like representation of moments, providing a straightforward and factual approach.

Popular Wedding Videography Styles


Why Choose It: If you wish to relive your wedding day just the way it was, this is your ideal choice. It’s a more traditional approach involving a wedding videographer, but it renders a no less impactful record.

Cinematic Style

  • What It Is: Compact and concise, short-form wedding films typically last less than an hour and concentrate on the most significant parts and events of your wedding day.
  • Why Choose It: It’s a perfect engagement session ready to be shared on Instagram or other social media platforms. This style presents a shorter yet potent emotional capture of your day.

Documentary Style

  • What It Is: This style puts the spotlight on the bride, groom, and at times, guests for narration. It uses spontaneous interviews to add a personal touch to the wedding film.
  • Why Choose It: If you love the idea of including your words and memories to guide your film, storytelling is a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your wedding videography.

Short Form Style

  • What It Is: An engaging style where the couple and their guests mime and perform a song, which is then shot and edited to create a music video.
  • Why Choose It: If you’re the couple who adores fun and aims to keep everyone entertained, this could add a unique touch to your wedding videos.

Storytelling Style

  • What It Is: Ideal for elopements or destination weddings, this style encapsulates the face of adventure that a wedding represents.
  • Why Choose It: If you’re going for a non-traditional wedding in a unique or exotic locale, this style will mirror the spirit of adventure that accompanies such a commitment.


  • Customizing Your Style
  • Can’t choose just one? That’s the beauty of working with Elite Video Orlando. We adapt our approach in sync with your vision, blending different videography styles to create a wedding film as unique as your love story.

Adventure Style

  • Ready to Choose Your Style?
  • Contact us today to design your personalized videography timeline, discuss your vision, and find out how Elite Video Orlando, as your trusty wedding videographer, can etch your wedding day memories into a timeless film that you’ll cherish forever.

Customizing Your Style


Can’t choose just one style? That’s the remarkable element of collaborating with Elite Video Orlando. We mold our approach to mirror your vision, combining different videography styles to create a wedding film that’s as singular as your love story.

Ready to Choose Your Style?

Contact us today to discuss how we can incorporate a spectrum of emotions, from the joy in every face to the depth of your engagement session, into your wedding day film. Come, let’s design a timeless copy that you’ll treasure forever.

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