We are a talented local team of Orlando videographers that is ready to bring your video project to life! Are you eager to create an incredible video for your wedding, special event, your personal archives or a business venture? Prepare to be impressed with Elite Video of Orlando. We are a high-quality Orlando video production agency specializing in a wide spectrum of video and film production. Our experienced videographers will assist with organizing, capturing and editing remarkable videos for any situation.

Want a high definition business advertising video to get an edge on the competition? We have it here. Putting out advertisements or filming a commercial? Absolutely! Our team, based in Orlando, is passionate and gifted and has worked with the local area for several years. Regardless of size, we can accept any undertaking and give remarkable results.

Our extensive capabilities comprise TV video spots; business and industrial films; aerial and drone video and pictures; wedding videography and filmmaking; local event videography; real estate photography and filming; and real-time streaming support if you desire to extend your audience as an influencer.

We have perfected our video production process, making sure it is enjoyable and successful in producing high-quality outcomes that you will absolutely love. To get started is pretty straightforward – just get in touch with us and provide a few details and we can discuss what we can do for you here in Orlando!

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We are experienced in videography and constantly utilize the newest technology, trends, and innovative software and gear. We strive to make your final product superior by taking creativity to a higher level.

Let us work together to organize your project with ease and efficiency while making sure that we create something that embodies exactly what you have envisioned, and even more! We love to hear ideas directly from our clients and then we figure out how to bring that vision to life to create a wonderful video.

We offer great prices and are acclaimed for the quality we provide. Today would be the perfect time to talk with us about your dream video, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your inquiries!


We use 4K cameras and some of the newest available equipment to make sure we capture cutting edge footage, pieced together by world class video editors with years of experience!

We’re incredibly detailed oriented and ensure everything is planned from the beginning to end for your video project. This allows us to always deliver a great result with a seamless experience.

We’ve been there and done that when it comes to video production! Whether it’s live media, film, art or business. In addition to client projects we have our own personal projects which constantly keep us in that creative mind-state.


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Whether you need to record a video commercial for television advertising, create an advertisement for YouTube, grab gorgeous videography for your restaurant, or produce any other advertising or marketing video content, our top-notch team of video editors and creators will make it all happen!

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Looking for someone to shoot video for your Orlando event, festival, corporate events, birthdays, weddings, charity events, or other fun and exciting get togethers? When it comes to event videographer in Orlando, we are ready to help! We’ll film your event from start to finish and create a beautiful video captivating all the excitement of your event in Orlando.

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Through the utilization of real estate videography, potential buyers can be immersed in a unique visual narrative, giving them a sense of what their future home could be like. Our excellent videos allow the special characteristics of each property to shine, making it easier for clients to choose among listings and an improved purchasing experience.

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For your magical wedding celebration, you need amazing images and wedding videography, handled by a dependable, kind, and talented wedding videographer to provide the perfect outcome for your perfect day. You and your soon-to-be spouse can put all of your focus where it should be — on having one of the best days of your lives!

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The ability to utilize drone videography to obtain remarkable aerial shots is advantageous for local businesses, especially here in beautiful Orlando, FL! Our drone videographer will come prepared with the proper licensing and approvals to fly high above and capture incredible video for your project.

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Yes, we are also offer professional photography.  When it comes to something like your business or wedding, having a mix of both beautiful photography and amazing videography is always best. We can work with you on both to make sure you get stunning results in the end!

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As leaders in video production here in Orlando, FL, we stay updated of the most up-to-date trends in technology, cameras and software, guaranteeing our clients a premium finished product which stands out amongst the competition. Our video editors are incredibly knowledgeable and have access to all the latest tricks.

We are proud of our work and will always do everything we can to accurately mirror exactly what you envisioned, and usually even more! Videography is very popular these days and we are so excited to work with you on our next video project.

We provide affordable pricing compared to many local videographers and have attained a strong reputation locally. Set some time aside today to reach out to us about your next video idea and we’ll be standing by and ready to respond to whatever questions you may have.


When it comes to videography, it is extremely important that the company you hire be experienced and understand how to capture the footage in the best possible way! We are proud here at Elite Video Orlando to have an incredible team of local videographers that will make sure to do an amazing job for your business or event. We also have some incredible wedding videographers that will capture your special day in the most magical way! Thank you for trusting us for your video production needs and we will work with you every step of the way to make sure you couldn’t be happier!

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We thank you for browsing our website and we hope you’re ready to take the next step on your video project! We of course would love to discuss your vision and you can get started with filling out our form or giving us a call directly. In the end, we are confident you will absolutely love working with our amazing team! Whether you need a wedding videographer or business video production, we are ready to step up and give you the most amazing final videos you could imagine. Our video editing team is amazing and once we get our hands on the footage and get to work, we know we can deliver for you. Feel free to reach out to us at 407-504-1941 and let’s discuss your video dreams!

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